The task at hand was clear: increase inquiries and foot traffic to the showroom. To achieve this goal, our primary focus was Pay-Per-Click advertising, this gave us the ability to attract the right target audience to the business. Our objective was to establish the brand as the premier choice for luxury bathroom design and installation in Charlton and nearby areas.


We targeted specific local communities such as Blackheath, Greenwich, and Plaistow, as well as more rural areas that showed potential. Our initial research indicated a demand for our product in these areas. We began by covering a wide area to gauge interest and identify the most popular regions. Once we collected this data, we created new campaigns and focused on the areas that generated the most engagement.

To ensure the success of our business, we implemented conversion tracking on our website. This allows us to closely monitor user behaviour and identify the types of engagement that users are most interested in.

Our conversion tracking allowed us to see what actions users were taking on our website. Were they scheduling Zoom consultations, submitting forms, making phone calls, or looking for directions to the showroom on Google Maps? This information helped us understand user intent and use it to optimise our marketing efforts.


We started working with Hugo Oliver on the 27th of June and ran ads all the way up until the 21st of November. As you can see from the screenshot below, we have generated 177 conversions, while only spending £2480. This gave us cost per conversion of £14.02, which is remarkable. In fact, they had such a busy period, we had to stop running ads as they had too much work! If these are the type of results that you want, be sure to get in touch.

As shown in the screenshot, our top-performing campaigns during our partnership with Hugo Oliver were location-based. The top campaign resulted in 78 conversions at a cost per conversion of only £6.09. Additionally, the conversion rate was outstanding at 11.24%. It’s no wonder they wanted to temporarily stop the ads due to high demand!