A brochure is a powerful tool that allows you to showcase your services and products in an easily accessible way. But if your brochure isn’t getting the downloads it should be, then it’s unlikely to generate any conversions. Here are a few tips on how to optimise your brochure downloads and increase conversions.

Make the Download Process Easy

The download process should be as straightforward as possible so that visitors don’t have too many barriers preventing them from downloading the brochure. Don’t make users search through multiple pages or fill out forms before they can get the download – make sure whatever page they land on has a “Download Now” button right at the top of the page, with no distractions or obstacles between them and the download.

Be Specific About What You Offer

In order to ensure that people who click on the download button are interested in what you offer, make sure you are clear about what is included in the brochure itself. Use descriptive copy and explain exactly what information readers will find inside so they have an idea of whether or not it would be useful for them. That way, people who click on the link will already be interested in what your brochure has to offer and more likely to convert once they have downloaded it.

Optimise for Mobile Devices

More and more people are accessing websites via their mobile phones and tablets these days, meaning your website needs to be optimised for mobile devices if you want maximum visibility, including when it comes to downloading your brochures. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and that all links work properly on all devices, otherwise potential customers may leave without ever downloading your brochure.


By following these simple tips, you can optimise your brochure downloads and increase conversion rates significantly. Make sure visitors have an easy time downloading, provide clear descriptions of what is included in each brochure, and ensure that everything works properly on mobile devices so visitors can access your content no matter where they are. With a little bit of effort and attention to detail, you can leverage your digital marketing efforts into increased sales leads through optimised brochures downloads.