The brief was simple… Bring more exposure to the company and drive more enquiries. We focused on both PPC & SEO to help us drive the right sort of traffic to them. They wanted to be the go to brand for Professional Exterior Building Maintenance in Essex and the surrounding areas. This is what we set up to do.


We started to focus on building out high performing campaigns on Google Adwords to generate more enquiries and the right traffic. It was vital that we were targeting the right search terms and also adding any negative keywords as we only wanted potential enquiries interacting with the ad.

Another important factor that we had to take into consideration was the changing of seasons. What I mean by this is that as November was such a wet month, we put in a higher budget for Guttering than for our other campaign ‘Roofing’. Making this decision led us to having an outstanding month and receiving 121 conversions! What you can also see within the screenshot below, is our cost for conversion on the ‘Guttering’ campaign was only £8.

Implementing conversion tracking across the board for the website as a whole as well as for the Google Ads account, was a crucial step we took that is essential for any business’ success.

This allows us to precisely track what users do once they are on the website and what kind of engagement they are most interested in.


Within the first few months of working with them, we instantly started to bring in fantastic results. In fact, the first month, we brought in 74 conversions, with one of our campaigns having a £10 cost per conversion. This screenshot below is from the 9th of August – 9th of September.

One of the most important insights we have gained into SOS is a clear understanding of how their audience wants to contact them and how many people are motivated by the work we are doing, as was previously mentioned.

We are really excited to carry on our work with SOS Get Gutted and see continued growth.