The brief was to encourage more inquiries and more visitors to enter their showroom. To help us direct the right kind of traffic to them, we concentrated on SEO. They wanted to be the go-to brand for luxury and bespoke bathroom designs in Surrey and the surrounding areas. That’s what we set out to do.


We started to focus on local towns near to their showroom such as Coulsdon, Caterham and Bletchingley, as well as more rural areas, which came to our attention. For each location we developed a new landing page, we optimised and implemented our core keywords that we know will help drive more traffic to their site.

With the implementation of conversion tracking across the board for the entire website, we are able to precisely track the parts of the site our users are most interested in and optimise accordingly.


Within the first few months of working with them, we instantly started seeing fantastic results in terms of SEO. We started working with them in the middle of Summer and in the last few months of 2022 we’ve seen organic search become the dominant channel which drives traffic to the site, bringing in over 85% of all site traffic.

In the same time frame, we have also brought in 89 conversions, which again, has been primarily through Organic Search.

One of the most important insights we have gained into The Bathing Machine is a clear understanding of how their audience wants to contact them and the sheer number of people who are inspired by the work they are doing.

We very much continue to look forward to working with The Bathing Machine and watch them develop into one of Surrey’s most well-known bathroom design companies.